“Thank you all very much for sticking with this, and with me, during a long process. I’d definitely recommend you to others.”
— Best, TomG

“Thank you for everything, you have provided excellent customer service during the refinance of the mortgage on an investment property I own. You have answered all of my questions quickly, and helped keep me updated on the progress of the loan’s completion. I am very pleased and satisfied you’re your level of service, which was above any that I have received when working with a broker.”
— John Leslie III

“Again, I do want to thank you for your work on our refinancing and appreciate so very much the opportunity to be able to now feel very positive about our financial future.

Three owners of horses that I massage are real estate agents and I have already given them your name and the company name; also several people that I know are either looking for a new home or wanting to refinance and I have spoken with them about how well and how professionally you worked for our refinancing.”
— Susan

“Thanks so much for all of your help and if and when we sell and buy another home, I will be contacting you. I will also give your name and number to other friends who may be in the market.”
— Thanks! Angela

“Yes, I did, it’s there thank god, at last! You are a GEM in every way.

I can’t say enough thank you, but thank you!

I will spread the word about you and HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to anyone who need a REPUTABLE and EXCEPTIONAL agent as yourself, someone who honestly care about the person he helps. I would love to have your manager address to personally write him a letter stating just that. Any one who deserve this is YOU.

I will definitely be in contact with you directly in 2 YEARS, if your still in this business. Never forget me!

Your friend for life,

Rudy Hall (you have been wonderful to work with and the main thing HONEST, where some people in this business ARE NOT!!!!!!!!)

God bless you and your family (from the heart)

Now don’t cry, I really mean all of this, SMILE

— Eleanor Hall (Rudy)

“I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we appreciate you and the hard work you did for us. We tried every Mortgage company we could think of with no success. I feel in my heart that you were God sent. I feel you are a remarkable young man with a genuine concern for people who are struggling to correct some of the trials that we are faced with in life. I only wish we had more people like you and your company United Pacific Mortgage. I feel that you are a dedicated, honest, and hardworking young man. God said he would send dedicated people to work on our behalf, and he did.

I know some people who are in the same situation as we were and I’m already telling them about this great company and the very hard working young man that will do all he can to make it work. I tell them you are in the business of helping people and changing lifes. We really appreciate what you’ve done, and we will continue to keep you in our prayers. You are a great asset to what ever company you work for, United Pacific is very fortunate to have you. Continue to be kind, caring, and honest. We appreciate you and you will be hearing from us soon with others that could use your help. Again Thank You Sammy and May God Bless You.”